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Amazing Apps for Learning Mandarin Chinese

March 26, 2017

Today, even in this busy world of ours, people keep hobbies. They not only keep them but maintain them too. Like some of you might like sports or reading or maybe writing stuff etc. Similarly, there are also people who like learning foreign languages. With German, French, and Spanish being taught at an early stage of our schools, the foreign language learning experience can enhance the desire to learn further more and more different languages.


Now, almost 16% of the world's population speaks some form of Chinese as their first language. By form so to say, the natives describe that the Chinese language is a variety of dialects of a single Chinese language whereas the linguistics suggest that they are as diverse as a totally different language family. According to 7 to 13 main regional groups of Chinese, Mandarin is by far spoken the most. It is noted to be Standard Chinese, a standardized form of spoken Chinese based on the Beijing dialect of Mandarin. It is the official language of China and Taiwan and is also inclusive in the four official languages of Singapore. It is also one of the six official languages of United Nations.


After learning such amazing facts about Mandarin Chinese wouldn't you be delighted to be able to learn it and speak it?


Hence, we are here to review 4 amazing apps that can help you learn Mandarin Chinese. They might not be the only effective teacher as you might also engage in watching Chinese TV shows also read books and listen to songs but these apps will most definitely help you speed up the process of learning Mandarin Chinese.





It is one of the most unique apps mentioned on this list. The reason being that it takes a vast collection of real-world Chinese videos, be it music videos, commercials, news, talk shows etc. FluentU turns them into a customized and appealing language learning experience. The diverse range of content availability on this app allows the user to find something that caters to their interest, skill level, and preferred learning style.






This app is for people who have begun their Chinese learning journey and might be having difficulty remembering words. A super effective flashcard program that is free for Android users and just $24.99 for iOS, it is specialized in helping you ace your Chinese vocabulary. It uses a 'spaced repetition program' that improves the users' ability to remember new words easily.






The most basic thing any foreign language learner would appreciate is a dictionary and translator. And that is what exactly Pleco does. From beginner to the most advanced, Pleco is designed to work like a dictionary and translator which can also work offline. The app is very efficient for people who are on the go and can even work with your phone's camera or any still picture.





It is also available for your desktop besides the mobile phones. Also inclusive of the spaced repetition program, it makes you write characters from beginning all the time so you are able to get the proper writing practice that you need to take your Chinese learning beyond conversation and comprehension levels.


So in conclusion, technology has helped us in every walk of life and these apps can cater to our Mandarin Chinese learning skills.



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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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