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About Us

Anny Jiayi LI

Founder /Chinese language and cultural trainer at Explore Chinese

There is no longer any doubt that China is fast expanding to become one of the world’s greatest superpowers. Their strong economy, ample land, and strong currency make doing business with the Chinese an extremely lucrative proposition to many companies.


But concurrently, many companies and professionals find today that they’re unable to completely understand business with the Chinese, from both a linguistic and cultural standpoint.


Most think that understanding the Chinese language is good enough as prerequisite to do business with them.


It couldn’t be further from the truth.

With over 5,000 years of history and culture, the Chinese have a unique way of conducting business and relationships (otherwise known as guanxi) that a foreign tongue simply cannot master without specialised help of some kind.


That is where I come in.


As a Chinese language consultant, I specialise in helping businesses and professionals, especially Europeans and the Japanese; bridge the gap between them and the lucrative Chinese market.


Offering customized classes of Chinese language on every level and lectures, I use these lessons to close the bridge of understanding between the two sides. My prerogative is to not just coach you the Mandarin tongue, but also to help you understand the way the Chinese think and rationalise, so that you can leverage that understanding to your business advantage.

Professionally, I graduated with a degree in Educational Management, moving on to becoming a HSK (Chinese Proficiency Test) certified teacher, preparing foreign students for their HSK exams.


Personally, I’m an ardent advocate of cross border communication; I believe that cross border and cross cultural cooperation is possible, once we know the cultural influences that the other party goes through.


If you take an interest to what I do, and wish to connect with me to find out more about how you can bridge the Chinese gap, please do not hesitate to reach out at annyli@explorechinese.co.